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An essential breeding tool

Progeno gives breeders direct access to the state-of-the-art in selection methods by means of a user-friendly software framework.

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Maximize selection progress

The Progeno software framework allows breeders to maximize their selection efficiency by integrating all available data sources in the decision process, from unbalanced phenotypic observations to high-density molecular marker scores.

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Genomic selection at your fingertips

Our software supports a seamless integration of genomic selection strategies into existing, phenotype-driven breeding programs. Harness the power of genomics while maintaining your phenotype and pedigree-based breeding values for validation and fallback purposes. Read  more >

Data driven breeding advice

Progeno software allows breeders to make accurate cross predictions for all traits of interest. Furthermore, the system computes multi-trait breeding advice which exposes the most (cost-)effective way to realize a user-defined breeding objective.

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Central data storage solution

The integrated breeding database securely stores all phenotypic observations, pedigree records, molecular marker scores, breeding values, … of one or several breeding programs. Breeders can access this data repository using their web browser. Read more >

Breeding software

Maximize the efficiency of your breeding program by means of cutting edge data analysis technology wrapped in a higly intuitive and user-friendly web application

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We assist breeding companies in all aspects of the breeding data life cycle, from the statistical design of experiments through data storage, analysis and decision support phases.

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