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The Progeno company finds its origins in the long-term scientific symbiosis between the Department of Plant production and the Department of Applied Mathematics, Biometrics and process Control of Ghent University (Belgium). In this scientifically fertile environment Dr. Steven Maenhout performed his PhD research on the statistical and computational aspects of genomic selection in hybrid maize. This academic research was performed in close collaboration with private breeding companies which assured the applicability of the resulting findings and algorithms on real world and industry sized data sets.

Encouraged by the increasing demand from industry for user friendly breeding software, the idea for starting a specialized software and service company gradually matured. Having worked several years as a commercial software and database developer prior to his PhD study, Dr. Steven Maenhout dedicated the following years to implement the Progeno computing engine whilst supervising the development of the user interface of the software. A large number of private breeding companies have been actively involved in the design and validation of the Progeno software to assure its adequacy for use by practical breeders.


The Progeno team

Dr. Steven Maenhout

As founder of the Progeno spin-off company, Dr. Maenhout tries to bridge the gap between the scientific findings produced by the academic world and the actual needs felt by the breeding industry.

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Geert Haesaert

Prof. Haesaert is recognized internationally as a leading expert in Triticale breeding for which he has managed a dedicated breeding program for many years.

Prof. Bernard De Baets

Prof. De Baets and his research unit have established considerable expertise in machine learning, heuristic optimization and decision modeling, generally focused on applications in biological sciences.



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