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Two years after the market launch of its first software solution CERTAIN-TI™, dedicated to decision-making support in trait introgression, DELTAGee announces the acquisition of the PROGENO software platform. DELTAGee is now in a position to support all plant breeding processes including phenotypic and genomic selection, and trait introgression.

PROGENO uniquely provides breeders with cutting edge phenotypic and genomic data analysis technology, wrapped in a highly intuitive and user-friendly web application. Powered by a proprietary predictive breeding engine, PROGENO allows to maximize breeding programs’ efficiency. PROGENO has been conceived and developed by Steven MAENHOUT, currently Professor at Ghent University (Belgium).

“This acquisition strengthens and leverages DELTAGee’s current positioning on its core market, decision-making support and process optimization for breeding professionals. PROGENO puts genetic gain at the center, applying extreme scrutiny on data quality, relevance, and delivering accurate and reliable estimates and predictions that are readily translated into concrete breeding decisions. This is fully in line with DELTAGee’s approach to improving breeding efficiency" says Michel RAGOT, CBO and co-founder of DELTAGee.

“The next step for DELTAGee will be to plug our Breeding Navigator Engine, already implemented in CERTAIN-TI™, onto PROGENO, and offer a fully integrated and unique decision-making support solution to breeding organizations.” adds Michel. Looking forward, François BRUNETTI, DELTAGee CEO and co-founder indicates that “DELTAGee intends to offer comprehensive solutions through partnerships with adjacent technology players and service providers”.

About DELTAGee

Established in 2018 by three experts in different yet complementary scientific areas, it is
currently managed by:

  • Michel Ragot, PhD in Genetics, with 25+ years of work on modernization of plant breeding in large multi-nationals to small local companies and public organizations
  • François Brunetti, PhD in Physics, and expert in mathematical modeling
  • Jean-Claude Franc, software engineer specialized in commercial software development
  • Stéphanie Vanhove, MBA, with 15+ years of experience in ERP solutions, innovation management and start-up development

From 2018 to 2022, DELTAGee’s activity revolved around the development of CERTAIN-TI™, a trait introgression decision-making support platform, highly praised by its users. In 2023, the company is making a major growth leap, entering the genomic selection and quantitative genetics fields through the integration of PROGENO, and the hiring of 4 researchers and developers.


The PROGENO software framework finds its origins in Professor Steven Maenhout’s PhD research on the statistical and computational aspects of genomic selection in hybrid maize. This academic research (Ghent University - Belgium) was performed in close collaboration with private breeding companies which assured the applicability of the resulting findings and algorithms on real world and industry sized data sets. Encouraged by the increasing demand from industry for user friendly breeding software, he capitalized on a previous professional experience in commercial software and database development to launch PROGENO.

The PROGENO software framework is centered around its highly innovative computing engine that allows to integrate all available breeding data, generally including many years of phenotypic trial observations and sometimes vast amounts of molecular marker information, into reliable (genomic) breeding values for all traits of interest. Making the best of your data, PROGENO software warrants a more cost-effective breeding program as well as faster genetic progress which in turn are likely to secure a clear edge over your competition. A large number of private breeding companies have been actively involved in the design and validation of the PROGENO software to assure its adequacy for use by practical breeders.


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